Are Dinosaurs Fake?

If you were to google search ‘are dinosaurs a hoax’, there’s a good chance that the top result would be a page on the BrandWatch website entitled ‘Conspiracy Theory Week: Dinosaurs Never Existed‘.

BrandWatch on the Dinosaur Hoax theory

Dinosaurs Never Existed

The article examines the social media trends and demographics of people who post about the ‘dinosaur hoax’.

What the article does not do, however, is explain — or even touch upon — the overwhelming evidence which is leading more and more people to doubt the existence of dinosaurs.

In fact, the BrandWatch article in question somehow fails to mention the great dinosaur fossil hoax taking place in China at this minute!

Here at, we are busy working on the finishing touches for the Dinoskeptic film, due to be released summer 2024.

The film is based on several supposed major dinosaur discoveries in Queensland, Australia.

These amazing new dinosaurs were all discovered / examined in the same region, by the same people…

Did a dinohoax take place in Winton? John le Bon the Dinoskeptic drove out there to investigate.

Some of Australia’s major dinosaurs were discovered in Winton, Queensland.

How were these dinosaurs suddenly discovered? Who stood to benefit from these amazing finds?

How much scientific rigor was involved in the process before these dinosaurs were announced to the media?

One of the misconceptions about dinosaur skepticism repeated in the BrandWatch article is the idea that dinosaur skeptics are all Christians.

It is true that some of the more prominent dinosaur disbelievers are indeed religious: see Christians Against Dinosaurs for one example.

There are however plenty of non-biblical reasons to reconsider what we think we know about dinosaurs.

How much do we really know about dinosaurs? Is it possible they are fake?

The Dinoskeptic roadtrip was all about investigating the dinohoax theory.

For an overview of the non-biblical dinoskeptic perspective, check out the video linked above.

And be sure to check out the Dinofraud page on

Soon the Dinoskeptic film will be released.

Check this site out regularly between now and summer 2024.